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byboucdur, August 21, 2013
Core Design Mini Polls
This extension made me in a really bad mood.
First the installation process is very bad. Once installed a plugin is missing to make it start. I had to ask google and different forum to understand I had to install an other plugin separatly. it was not notified in the documentation.
Then I get something but no voting button. There should be a voting button in a poll right ? Would be my fault misconfiguring something that would still be a very poor extension as it s not explained in the documentation
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm sorry about your issues. There is a mention in our tutorials about the other plugin you have to install.
Also you can always take an advantage of our support first.

byboucdur, April 29, 2011
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The html code is very weird.
if you choose they call they call "flat"
you get an html code without tables which is good. I hate tables when it gets to styling.

However you get the weirdest html code.

Lots of span wrapping p or div tags. Span tags with empty classes.
A span wrapping each p.
All the css styles are inline so you can't change them easily.

I Really don't understand why so many people left a good review.

Maybe I am the only one to get this shity html code? Something to do with my config ?

I just spent hours trying to use this module and get a fine html code.
For me it seems to me it is a module to avoid.
Owner's reply

Download the latest version. Most of found issue were solved. Tables where replaced to div's. Empty span's where removed. Most of CSS classes are Joomla standard classes.

If you still have a problem contact me at my forum:

byboucdur, March 31, 2011
Documents Seller
Very nice extension.
it's an easy to use extension with a lot of features.
Though the feature I needed for my particular case was not implemented the support is so good that Tuan helped me doing what I needed anyway.
It's a very good plugin, very useful and simple to use once you understand it.
The bad point is that to understand it there is a tiny documentation very limited. It was not enough for me to be able to use this plugin for my needs.
However the support is free and it is the best I have ever seen. Peter is there to help you quickly and efficiently
Owner's reply

In the Modalizer plugin all settings have tooltips explaining what they are for.
Also my site explains a lot about how to use it.
Any remaining questions I am happy to answer via my forum.