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bybpruitt, November 6, 2013
News Show Pro GK4
My experience with all gavick items has ended the same - I felt like I was paying to be a beta tester with their versions of Joomla 3.x

Newspro was the greatest example of this. As soon as I'd find a way to fix one bug, I'd run into two more.

When I'd ask for help on the forums, I'd either get more questions than answers, or I'd get adnauseum requests for the URL of my site instead of possibilities of the error.

I do not wish to give my URLs. I've included screen shots and documented examples of what's happening, I should not need to give out my personal sites in order to get to the bottom.

Minus this, I'd have rated their products 5 stars.

As it stands, Fair is the best I can give.
bybpruitt, August 15, 2011
I'm in the USA, so at first, this extension was daunting, I gave up on it, and walked away.

But once I returned, I realized all i really had to do was poke around with it, and i've figured it all out, without the need of help from the creators.

This now serves every purpose i've ever asked for and, unlike other shopping cart extensions, this actually works for 1.6.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, just set down and start playing with the becomes painfully easy when you do.
bybpruitt, August 8, 2011
Diamond Showcase
This added much needed flare to my site for a different take on a menu. You can also use to show off product if you choose...but I used for a menu system and could not be happier.

The customer service from Pulse is amazing. There is none better!!!
bybpruitt, August 8, 2011
Sponsor Wall
This served as an excellent resource for my charity website. We were able to use it to show off corporate sponsors in a very exciting way.

Pulse is a FANTASTIC place to buy extensions. You simply will not find a better customer service experience.
bybpruitt, August 6, 2011
Ninja Eye Menu
I've always been skittish about buying extensions online...what if you buy it and it doesn't work? You have no promise of a return.

But I gave Ninja Forge a chance and they did not disappoint. My site was missing that "special touch" and this menu was absolutely what it needed.

There was a small problem with a javascript I was running from another module, and these guys were able to login and fix it for me in no time flat.

Was able to easily change the icons as needed and make them transparent to custom fit my site. Amazing.

I will absolutely return here first for my Joomla extension needs.