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bybratter, March 5, 2009
Simple RSS Feed Reader
This is *probably* the best of the 'simple' RSS Readers that I found! It has two features which set it apart from most other simple readers: ability to show the date and ability to show multiple feeds. The date especially is very useful. Additionally, the markup is nice and simple and the pre-installed styling is nice.

However... the module does not use a template for display! This make it impossible to change the output without changing the module itself. The provided css file has brilliant commenting, but would prefer to use my own, and can't because the imported styles from the module override mine (which are declared in ).

In conclusion: easily the best reader, but not the best for modularity/portability.
bybratter, June 9, 2008
The Jumi plugin + module architecture make it both amazingly flexible and very simple. It fits its purpose well - no scope creep.

Including PHP or javascript code without iframes really does make joomla more useable - developers can now have the complete flexibility of a stand-alon site, while non-expert authors still get the full advantages of this great CMS!

Conrgats Jumi!