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First, you must understand, I am someone who is completely disappointed with most so-called "commercial" extensions. I have spent $$$ on several, that are now littering my hard drive because they are poorly coded and/or poorly supported (if the developers are even still around).

That is NOT the case with EasyBlog. It installs quickly, is not bloated, intuitive to use with all the features a blogger could want. Even my "newbie" beta testers figured out how to use it with no help from me - and THAT is really the sign of well-thought-out software. It is completely Open Source, and its use of MVC means changing the appearance is not a brain burn. But it comes with some relatively attractive templates out of the box (again a RARITY for extensions) so I just picked one and ran with it - saving me even more time.

Stack Ideas, the producers of EasyBlog, are amazing. Not only is the product top-notch (just go use the demo - and yes, developers, your demo IS your sales pitch), but the support is even better.

Let me tell you how great this team is:

My site runs Mootools (have to, due to Joomla core), jQuery and Ajax. That combination is stomach-churning as any Joomla person well knows. And my case was no exception. In fact, EasyBlog ran into some serious issues in my frontend due to this unholy trio.

I shouldn't have worried - Sam was on the case. He literally troubleshot my site off and on over the last WEEK to pin-point the issue. Turns out the problems were due to a couple of plugins. One I can live without until a replacement comes along. The second actually loaded jQuery in my frontend, so that HAD to get replaced (as for some reason it didn't properly resolve my Mootools and jQuery conflicts. Fortunately, there is the SC Query plugin (right here for free at the JED) that when installed completely resolved all such issues.

Because of Stack Ideas, my beta testers are happy and my site will launch on time.

I cannot speak highly enough of this product or its team. Go. Buy. NOW. You will NOT be disappointed.
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Thank you very much for this great review!