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bybreakinwind, February 10, 2011
I tried all the free ones out there and I gave it a 10-15 minutes each. If I dont have progress I am going to quit and move on. I dont care about spending a little money but I dont want to waste money if a product is no good (miscrosoft).
I was able to create a form in minutes. No kidding. I do not know jack about html or any other language. I mix up components, plugins and modules. I know point and click and this works for me. So if you are a dumbass like me, spend the $$. I cant even remember what I paid. Who cares, its the best.
Granted I had a few issues here and there, and it has taken me 3 days for the final (5page)form to complete. But I spent more time reading reviews and trying out different forms that that.
I used the support quite a bit. They were super fast to get back to me at first(minutes), but then there response began to slow a little. Probably because I have been asking them a thousand and one questions. I do still get an answer back within 12 hours the latest.
This is the best support I have had ever.
The program is fantastic.
I honestly do not even feel like i am in Joomla when I am using it.
stop wasting time reading reviews, and get started.