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bybrenwa, June 21, 2012
I have used many rockettheme products and I am a fan of their templates, but many of thier module products are stupidly difficult to use, and have very little documentation, and the forum support is hit & miss.

This wolud be one of them, any styling that isnt the stock version (and the stock version looks nothing like the graphic) is virtually impossible

Im fairly adept but I once again allowed one of the RT products to become a major time suck.

The thing that is so stupid about this module is that it has the option to pull in a template... so... hmmm why didnt they include AT LEAST the version they show the photo of.

I finally gave up, dont waste your time on this one.
bybrenwa, April 16, 2012
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I just tried this again after not using for a while...mainly because it was a buggie pain in the butt....

So cut to many months later, and a new version & I give it another try.... mostly because it makes adding and manipulating images easy for rookie joomla users (in theory) watching the demo video its looks reality different story.

The uploader is so inconsistently unstable its pretty much a non-starter

If I use the drag and drop for multiple uploads, it uploads 30%-50% of the images, and not the rest...and the interface you look at after that does not display the file names so it takes forever to figure out what uploaded and what did not....and using the browse and select version of selecting does exactly the same makes actually using it a giant time suck annoyance

once you get the photos uploaded the interface to work with the photos is slow and cumbersome..and adding captions to the photo on a slide show, you have no control of the position of the text....another time suck searching their forums trying to figure out how to do it & again no answers...and what I did find...did not work.

Im a fan of rockettheme products...but this one is a time suck...and it is a waste of time trying to get assistance via the forum..lots of people asking for questions and VERY few answers

The uploaded put me over the edge today.... spent WAY too much time on the forum trying to figure out the issue with no result..other than may other people asking the same questions in different ways

If you have just 5-8 photos, its fine but for anything other than that...its a huge pain in the butt.... Im off to look for something else