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bybreturi7, February 11, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I'm new to the world of Joomla / CMS and have been searching high and low for a simple, unbloated photo gallery that would allow basic editing from front-end users, but with the majority of the work done on the back end. After testing almost all of the non-commercial extensions on this page as well as trying to bridge stand-alone galleries like Gallery2, Zen Photo and Coppermine into Joomla (with rather disappointing results, might I add), I finally ran across Phoca Gallery.

Finally! Someone gets it! Thank you, Phoca Gallery, for delivering an complicated, lean photo gallery with just enough bells and whistles to keep things interesting without crossing over into the "only a php geek would know what to do with 99% of these options."

Oh, as for installation...I'll repeat what everyone else below me has said...go by the documented instructions and you'll be just fine. It might seem a little intimidating for newbies to amend one or two lines of code, per the instructions, but trust me, it's easy as pie and definitely worth it for this outstanding non-commercial gallery.