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bybrianarm, September 14, 2013
AdminExile is an easy to install and configure plugin that provides compelling Brute Force security for your Joomla site.

During the first 5 days of using AdminExile on ONE of my Joomla sites, it detected and reported to me (via email) over 8,000 admin login attempts from over 270 i.p. addresses.

I simply configured the Blacklist on this site using the ip addresses logged by AdminExile, and my admin Brute Force attacks dropped to zero.

AdminExile is now installed on all of my Joomla sites and I keep a blacklist of i.p. addresses on my desktop. Every time AdminExile warns me of a new attack, I simply add the i.p. address to my desktop blacklist, then copy and past the i.p. addresses into the AdminExile blacklist for every one of my Joomla sites.

It's important to keep your blacklist 'up to date' and in numerical order so you can easily determine if an i.p. address has already been listed, or whether you need to add it to the list.

Yes, you can lock yourself out of your own site, as I've done on two occasions, but both incidences were my own fault.

AdminExile provides a couple of easy solutions for regaining access to your site, depending on how you locked yourself out, and they take only a few moments to deploy.

A highly recommended plugin that would make a wonderful inclusion to the standard Joomla package.

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and important plugin for all Joomla users!
Owner's reply

Awesome review! I'm glad to see someone using it the way I intended. I like your idea of keeping the IP addresses in order to make it easier to determine if you've already entered one. It would also make it easier to see that attacks might be coming from an IP range, so you could then adjust the rule to encompass an entire range instead of individual addresses.

I think the next version will automatically sort the IP addresses in the white/black lists.