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bybriand1313, May 7, 2012
I installed iproperty for an up and coming real estates sales and management company over a year ago. The response has really been favorable from not only the users of the site but also from the company personal who have learned to update it. Not only does it look great and do so many necessary things you would see at all the top notch real estate sites it is also very easy for people who are new to joomla to use.

We were so pleased with it in fact that we contacted Tim and inquired about integrating MLS support. Within a short time we now have every listing available imported daily into our site. Tim knocked it out of the park with his customer service in helping us get things ready to go on our end. I truly appreciate the product and the people at the Thinkery, especially Tim, for helping me with this project. I really couldn't ask for more.