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bybrianpeat, August 21, 2014
We were looking for a way to allow students to see their tuition balance and pay on it, and to be able to share it with others. This extension was perfect for that. We actually paid for some extra features that ended up in the public release (fine by us).

More recently we needed a small adjustment made to the module and they made the change for no charge. Support has been really good.
bybrianpeat, April 8, 2013
Testimonial Fader
I needed a testimonial fader quickly and ended up taking a chance on this one. I had a glitch with the setup and submitted a support ticket. WIthin 10 minutes I heard back and in less than an hour they had fixed the issue AND added a feature I requested (ability to hide the Name on the testimony module). Now THAT'S customer service.
bybrianpeat, April 2, 2013
Admin Menu Manager
I had originally hacked the admin menu but when I installed PowerAdmin (another userfull tool from another plugin maker) it hid my menu hacks. Then I found Admin Menu Manager. I tried the free one and used up the free 5 menu items...but it was enough to tell me that I needed this. Now I can create custom menus in the back end for our employees AND still use PowerAdmin. Totally worth the price for me (we can use it on ALL our sites).
bybrianpeat, April 1, 2013
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I wanted to move my old wordpress site to joomla, but didn't want to have to migrate (and change the address for) over 400 blog posts going back to 2005. This component worked perfectly and the urls match my old site exactly. I ran into a few technical glitches, but none of them were bugs, they were just config issues. It does take some wordpress knowhow and css skill if you want to customize the wp theme a bit, but I'm used to doing that with many components and themes anyway.
bybrianpeat, March 24, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
Do yourself a favor and use this. I can't even count the number of times AMM got be out of a bind. This thing just opens up so much in the way of publishing modules it's insane.
bybrianpeat, March 24, 2013
Just like the NoNumber sliders, these are the most flexible tabs out there. I was actually able to create an "in page" article loader with no programming by hiding the tab bar (via css) and using "tab links" function in a side module. Click a link and it loads the tab. Saved me from having to engineer some kind of content swap function.
bybrianpeat, March 24, 2013
Absolutely the most flexible sliders out there. So many options, and with css on top of that you can do just about anything with them. Took me a few minutes (thanks to the .active class) to add + and - icons to the sliders on a client site. I'd recommend buying into all of his plugins, they're ALL great.
bybrianpeat, January 29, 2013
BT Slideshow Pro
I needed to recreate a gallery for a client site and this was the only one that looked easy to use and able to handle the layout. Sure enough, within about 20 minutes I had it working. Not only that, but it worked BETTER than the one one the clients old site. Ran into a snag with the navigation on an iPad and the developer tweaked it a few times. Now there's a touch option and it works perfectly. I'm actually glad I bought his whole package. I plan to use the other extensions too.
bybrianpeat, March 21, 2012
DT Register
In my opinion, this is the best event component out there for Joomla. I've looked at several and always ended up back at DTRegister. The version for J 2.5 now no longer requires an uninstall, which is great.

Note that DT Register doesn't use the "ticket" type system that other components (or event brite) use, but it has fee fields and conditional fields, which can basically take care of most needs (including a new conditional option where you can hide fields for groups of X number, giving you the ability to hide things like fee fields when your group rates kick in). In addition, the developer will add features at a reasonable price and (if you are okay with it) roll them into the commercial release (the benefit being that you aren't stuck with a fully custom build, you can keep on upgrading as other new features are added-AND you help the community as a whole).

One of the newest additions is the ability to put registrants of certain events into groups-this allowed us to sell premium webcast access per event (older versions used 1 joomla group for the entire system).

New features are in the pipeline and this component will continue to get better and better. If you're looking for a solid event system with the option to purchase customizations at a reasonable price then look no further.
bybrianpeat, February 2, 2012
Smart Slider 2
This slider is amazing, but you can read the other reviews to see that. It's the support that deserves an extra 5 stars. Twice I have emailed the developer with feature requests (once to make sure article plugins could be used in the sliders and again to see if he could find a way to stop videos from playing if the user moved to another panel). Both times he responded with a NEW VERSION within hours.

If you need a flexible slider, do yourself a favor and just buy this one.
bybrianpeat, February 3, 2011
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart
Not only does this module open up a whole new world of filtering to VirtueMart, but the customer service of this company is outstanding. We realized that product types aren't searchable in the standard vmart search field and Maks modified the vmart search plugin to include product type fields, so now we have both the filter AND the search working (not sure if this puts stress on the database, but we're running a VPS so its not a problem for us).

If you're running a virtuemart store and you want more than just a generic search function, cherry picker is the way to go.
bybrianpeat, October 11, 2010
Simple RSS Feed Reader
I'd give this 5 stars but it's basly programmed. If you use ANY other module that uses simplepie, your site will break. I got a tip from the gCalendar guys and patched this plugin to look for simple pie and only load it if needed, but then it has to be AFTER the other simplepie modules...need to put it first and you're out of luck. I'm having to look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

It's easy to fix that for the next version. Thanks for the input.

bybrianpeat, March 15, 2009
CSS Gallery
Be aware, this plugin does NOT seem to work if you have more than one instance on a page (such as a blog layout would do). I have no idea if this will get fixed or not, but it bit me just before I went live with a client site.
Owner's reply

Hi brianpeat!

Whilst from your request on my site it took me only an hour to come up with an updated version on sunday (15th), your review needed 3 days to get approved.

Am I really that fast? :)

Kind regards
Andreas Berger