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Youtube Gallery
Decent component for what it says it will do. Does work.

However when i uninstalled the component it broke my site, and now my components are not working. Specifically K2 and Eventlist are not functioning. Now I'm scrambling to find a solution. Seems this component makes modifications in code that it shouldn't be touching.

Also the developer screens comments on his page. I have posted before and never received an answer for my problem. (The description for the video will appear on top of the videos but not below it when set up. It will only put a title below the video instead of the description. That is very poor customer service.

Honestly i would recommend the other video galleries out there over this one. Now im worried about how much code this component has obtrusively changed and im stuck trying to fix the problems this one has caused.
Owner's reply

This extension does no modification to Joomla core file or any other files at all.

Any one can read the code - there is nothing like this.

Set default page.