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bybristophocles, October 20, 2010
Form building features are pretty good for a free program. However, if you have to jump into the code to fix any issues, good luck. Captcha functionality leaves a lot to be desired. It's quite buggy, captcha refresh actually refreshes the whole page, etc. Bottom line is, it's not worth the time figuring out the absolutely cryptic captcha coding in this component to fix any of it. If there was an option for using your own captcha code (like reCaptcha or some other) it might be a little bit less of a headache. Spend some money on a decent forms component instead.
Owner's reply


On the project site you can find the technical requirements.
There we point out that the GD library with true type font support must be installed on your server.
Otherwise you can not use the native captcha's.
Furthermore, Mad4Joomla does have 4 different captcha techniques. Those don't have been tested by the reviewer.

We also provide information via the F.A.Q's about issues with captcha.

At last we provide a pro version (Mooj Proforms) of Mad4Joomla. This is commercial and does support reCaptcha.
Mad4Joomla and Proforms are the same software with different names.

So talking about spending money for a decent form extension, when there is a commercial pro version (with all the missing features :) ) sounds extremly like a malicious review.

bybristophocles, June 15, 2010
Outstanding extension. I consider it a must have now every site I create. One of the first things I install every time. If you are operating on a shared server, this tool is an absolute must have. Also, never have had any issues with it at all. No bugs, no hiccups. Use this if you aren't already.
bybristophocles, June 14, 2010
Great extension. Intuitive yet versatile PMS. Really easy to mod, too. They provide excellent documentation and intro to modding/paneling. I hope to see more third party extensions become available in the future.