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bybroddr, April 18, 2012
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I am not going to review the extension. There are plenty of reviews of the extension which are generally good.

However, it seems totally clear to me that the developers of this extension have a serious attitude.

You only have to read their responses to some of the reviews to get an idea of how they see you as a client or potential client.

Yes, everyone wants to get paid for their time and effort, I do not have a problem with this philosophy.

What I do have a problem with is being held to ransom.

You can use the extension for free but if there are any problems whatsoever you have to pay.
Again, fair enough.

But it seems to me that the developers deliberately withold information from people and then come with this "You have to pay for support - what you want - support for free" crap.

200 Euros for 8 hours support may sound reasonable to the developers but they obviously must live in sky high cuckoo land.

People use Joomla and the open source plug ins etc. because they do not cost a fortune.
These are not the sort of people who are going to fork out 200 euros to ask one simple question.

Developers. If you want to make that sort of money then release a commercial version.

If someone wants their entire site overhauled by you then that is one thing, if someone wants the answer to a simple question that could be simply solved then you are having a laugh.

I would not use this software simply because of the attitude I have seen in the developer's response to reviews.
Owner's reply

We had only told you that we do NOT offer a phone or mail support. There is a forum where you can write and also we regulary looking in forum to give awnsers. For shure there are thousands of questions and we can only awnser a few of them because of time issues.

In case users like you not, do not agree to it, we offer also that you can book a programming company which can work on your issues. In our case we normaly rate 3 days as a minimum order for any customer. In case of joomshopping we make offer allready a one day booking as a minimum. This means if you need it you can book us for a day. The rate is as you wrote. But if you have in your eyes only a small issue, you have to think whether you want to order this or not.
What we not understand is why do you want to do your installation yourself in case you do not know how to do it. For shure .. now you will say I have no problem with installation and I can do it myself .. in fact is that we see thats wrong... so find a company who can help you .. they have a rate for their help. In our case we do not offer a support. We offer only to do the job with our own programmers. And therefore you have to book it in case you want help. Because of the situation that we have a lot of orders we made some years ago the dessicion not more take and order less then a working day. Oterwise we would block our resources and those customers who ready to book us can not.
Only therefore we can only offer this which makes also sense for our business-modell. I think those who have their own business can understand this. You also should understand that we can not hire more people in case most of users are really not ready to pay to get awnsers on their questions.
Most of professional users was able to install joomshopping without any problems. So take a professional joomla specialist , pay for it .. and you will get help. Our rate is clear because we will not offer less .. even you will write more about our bad support. In fact is just we do not offer it .. thats it ..
Are we bad thats why? This is a question which everybody have to anwser himself .. we want to spent our Energie to bring more features and a even more better system of joomshooping each .. step by step ..
This is than for all users and those who can install it will be very happy with it.

Best wishes
JoomShopping Team