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DPCalendar Lite
A product /company is judged by iits support and documentation. Essentialy how easy and user friendly their product is. This is a nice extension, well designed and graphivcally nice too.

However my problem was there is no clear documentation. That too is okay as I understand developers get busy. By my biggest disappointment was, there is no place to contact them or open a support ticket. The support button is useless as it just shows a list of bugs/support number. The event module does not display events from google calendar and there is nothing anywhere for me to get help or ask for help. Calendar module is fine and does show google calendar event.

I hope that the support area will improve or at least have a forum where we can get help from others.
Owner's reply

Providing support only for subscribers is a common business model among the Joomla developers. That's why we closed the old forum. We are convinced that it is better to give top notch support to subscribers instead of bad one for all.
Please read this blog post ( to get more information about our support process.

Thanks for understanding.

I tried this extension and it is nice and has a lot of features. Essentially it is a good beginner extension and compares well with Virtuemart. However, I was looking for a more robust set of features related to Shipping, product management that were missing.

Also, a lot of the plugins and modules which are included in other products even commercial ones are not included in the core product but one has to pay extra to buy them. By the time you buy some of the additional plugins and modules the price is far higher than some commercial extensions which have more functionality included.

Also, the forums are in German and the ones that are in English are not comprehensive. Also not good for the U.S market as it does not have the 3 most popular shipping methods used here - Fedex, USPS and UPS either free or paid.

All in all a good product for a beginner, but did not work for us.
MaQma Helpdesk
This component has great potential and maybe all of the functions work in the commercial version. However, the free version does not have any functionality and is misleading. It should really not be marked as such and be in this Joomla extension site. With that said, here is what the free version does not have (even though the documentation shows the functionality and claims it exists)...
1. Cannot edit/delete knowledge base articles.
2. Same with tickets
3. Can add articles but thats it nothing else.

If this free version was mean't to be more of a trial/marketing/demo version for customers to try and get them to buy the commercial version, it failed in doing that. The commercial version is extremely expensive. Much better tools in the market place for that price. I would have paid the 35 or even 185 for it, but 635 is ridiculous.
hopefully, they can release a free version that actually works as stated and I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for a commercial version. Also the documentation is actually mean't for the commercial version as none of the functions as related to the knowledge base and tickets it claims the free version has is in the software I downloaded.
Owner's reply

Dear Bruno, in the free edition you can edit KB articles there's in fact a fault in the delete of an article which is fixed on version 3.3.5 that will be released soon.

Regarding the tickets it's not possible to delete so there's no lost record of a support incident, was done that way and thought that way, maybe it's not the best way but we're welcome to receive feedback to improve it.

As stated the free edition allows to have KB articles and tickets, we say that in here.

As we said, many people gave their opinions and we followed them when we agreed without any problem and if you have ideas for the free or even the commercial we're glad to receive them.

Version 3.3.5 should be released later today, so maybe you can give it a try to see if it's better.

By the way, what version did you had installed on your tests? Was 3.3.4? Let us know if possible [by direct contact]


bybruno05, December 13, 2008
I was excited by this extension, but very disappointed after installing it. The forms wizard is a great start, but needs to be connected to a existing form, so it can used to edit an existing form. Also the user interface was designed with a programmer/coder in mind. Not very user friendly. Too painful and cumbersome. I could not see any of my form fields or a way to edit them, on a existing form. The tutorials are old and only talk about setting up email fields etc. I agree with the owner that this was originally a simple contact form extension. Unfortunately, it still seems like that.


1. When we click on the edit button, show a button on the menu bar, that will display the current fields on the form and also the tool bar (like the wizard) so one can edit the form easily. I still cannot find a way to add or delete fields on a existing for.

2. Make the user interface especially in the edit mode or new forms mode more user friendly. As one of the users mentioned, it is a nightmare backend with code and data all over. Layout is not that great.

I have removed this extension and have paid for RS Forms. I would have gladly paid for an extension if it was worth it. RS Forms is great and I would recommend the owner of this extension to borrow a few ideas from it.