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The concept about this plugin is perfect, congratulations for the idea, but I guess you only did the half of the job, because this plugin has 2 big Issues I found that take out the EASY adjective from it:

1 - It duplicate the video frame, so the end-user need to broke the link everytime to remove the secound video.

2 - If your video URL came with any variable info inside it like: "feature=player_embedded&" it simply dont work, and again, you need to teach your client how to manually remove this peace of information from URL.

I hope you fix it, and I will be glad to give you 5 star review. It can be the best... IT CAN, it is not yet.
bybrunoalec, October 7, 2010
Simple to use and very efficient plugin. Exactly what we need and also with good support. Thanks so much.