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Reviews(4), December 5, 2010
You may not think you need this extension, but when your site is hacked or you have to deal with spam comments, you'll change your mind! It's easy to install and configure, and works exactly as advertised. I include it on every site I manage., December 5, 2010
This is an extension that every Joomla site should implement. It is not for the uninitiated or casual Joomla user. However, once you find out that the "stock" Joomla installation won't meet your needs for search engine optimization OR preventing spam posts and comments, this is is the extension for you.

Complicated, but worth the learning curve., December 5, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Great functionality, and operates exactly as advertised. This features available in the free version are extremely useful. This is an indispensable extension!, December 5, 2010
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RS!Joomla creates very good extensions. I have no reason to doubt that RS!Blog will one day be a very good extensions, but it is not quite mature enough yet.

Users considering implementing this extension should know that it does not use the inherent Joomla tables for articles. The result is that any functionality that RSBlog doesn't provide can't be provided by ANY OTHER extension that extends article functionality.

- Multiple category support
- Tags
- Good function to import content from Joomla articles

- No {loadposition} support
- No support for automatic social media updating (Facebook / Twitter)
- The implementation of Categories and Tags is very quirky. For instance, if you are browsing within a category, then select a tag from the tag cloud, you will only see tagged articles within that category.
- Insufficient implementation of Subscriptions. No confirmation email or ability for user to manage subscription.