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bryanne 3

bybryanne 3, June 4, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I have tried another product (no names mentioned) and I had nothing but problems - at each step of the way I was presented with some drama to deal with.
Akeeba just simply is bullet-proof. I have in the last two weeks had to restore EIGHT new sites and on ANOTHER SERVER. Seven of these were Joomla sites. Akeeba restored these flawlessly each time - with NO hitches whatsoever. The eighth site was a Word Press site which I transferred last because I was dreading having to use the other backup product. Sure enough it took me a whole day to get the site on the new server with that other backup component and I ended up having to restore it mostly manually anyway!
The Akeeba developer Nicholas is not only smart and professional but he has a sense of humour and is very attentive to any questions or issues put to him (the only problems I ever had with Akeeba were due to my own mistakes).
When it comes to backing up your site - you don't want excuses or have to wade through forums to find answers to restore your site. You just want it to work - period. And importantly you want to know its GOING to work as that is peace of mind.
That is what Akeeba does - it works. It is embarrassingly easy to use too....
bybryanne 3, May 28, 2013
Art Sexy Lightbox
I had a few problems getting the Lightbox to work for external URLS which was MY error. I contacted Support and they helped me through the issue very promptly which was much appreciated. The product works great and I can see that it will do lots of other great things that I haven't tried yet. Well done
This is a great product - invaluable for many sites in my opinion. Not being particularly smart I sent the developer an email about configuration set-up and he replied within 2 hours! How's that for support for a free product!

We are lucky to have people like Michael Richey supporting the Joomla community
bybryanne 3, March 22, 2013
We desperately needed a serious web CMS such as Joomla to move our Wordpress site to. How on earth could we do so (with 1,000 images and over a hundred articles of rich content)?

CMigrator proved to be the solution. What impressed me so so much was not only the availability of such a product but also the PEOPLE behind the product. Having some technical issues (not being a technical whizz) I asked Compojoom if they could help and I said I was happy to pay for this. Daniel promptly suggested I call them in Germany via Skype which I did and about an hour later they had fixed the issue. I am not sure if it was of my doing or something within CMigrator that had caused the issue but either way they would not accept payment! How much does that tell you about the confidence you can have in this product and Compojoom - and Compojoom's OTHER products as well (by the way, I have CComment as well and this also imported over a thousand comments from WP without a hitch - remember, if you are going to import articles from WP or Drupal etc you will want to preserve your comments as well and this product does it for you).

I cannot recommend Compojoom highly enough and I have had experience with a very large number of Joomla extensions. Well done Compojoom and thank you.
bybryanne 3, March 4, 2012
SP Upgrade
I seldom write reviews but this one is worth highlighting. Filled with fear about migrating I clicked on the "Migrate" button. There was nothing to worry about even though we have a large website. All content (with intact links) was migrated without a hitch. I subsequently had some queries which I sen to the developer about doing subsequent migrate runs (the live site is still up and has constant changes so we wanted to be able to import that fresh content while we continued to do the conversion on localhost). He always responded very quickly and with the information needed. We had previously attempted to use jUpgrade but sadly it was a disaster for us. It is a little surprising that Joomla seem to be pushing it so hard when it seems clear that it is not quite ready for the task yet. Also, you do not retain your original ids in jUpgrade.

While SP Upgrade does not attempt to migrate extensions, I would prefer to do the extensions manually than use something with appears inherently unstable and does not maintain the integrity of your content ids.

So well done to the developer! A small price to pay Thank you.