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bybsandland, August 9, 2011
For 5 months I've been fighting with Google Analytics - regardless of how I set it up (using various modules and plugins that are supposed to enable GA to work with Joomla) the stats were NEVER correct. I installed j4age in about 5 minutes, ran a few tests, and walla - there were my visitors and the pages they visited! THANK YOU! I made a small donation - wish it could have been more!
bybsandland, January 12, 2011
KA Facebook Like and Share
Thanks to the developers for this one; so quick and easy to install and well worth the $10.00 price tag!
bybsandland, January 6, 2011
RSform Pro
Well, ok, maybe not really FUN, but definitely easy and always pretty! The output is really nice and the forms are so easy to configure. I've used forms created with RSFormPro in conjunction with PayPal for a few years now and the results are fantastic. It's a great component and the tech support is OUTSTANDING.
bybsandland, January 6, 2011
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I am developing a site for a national organization that wanted to be able to have members register online and pay their annual dues, and then be allowed to access the "member's only" portion of the website.

I have been developing sites using Mambo first and then Joomla for many years, but this is the first time I've been asked to create a paid member's section, and this component was exactly what was needed.

Warning to US users - I am pretty darn sure the manual was translated from another language, which makes it a little tougher to get through, and it is not quite as in-depth as I'd like. I had to install and set up the entire thing before I was sure it actually did what I wanted, which was to integrate with the Joomla User module. It does!

Despite some aggravation with the less then detailed "detailed" instruction manual, the tech support is OUTSTANDING! Great tech support combined with a fantastic component are why I rate RSMembership five stars.