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bybsekirarski, August 6, 2013
SJ HTML5 AudioFly
Aufiofly extension and the people from SiperJoom help me to tie my sound content more deeply and more close to my customers. Thanks a lot for this extension. After playing of every demo song my customer with ease can jump to my store to buy the song or CD.
Extension has original aproach so my site now is now unusuall and more interesting for the customers.
Lot of thanks to the developers.
bybsekirarski, April 23, 2012
I used this plg and worksnice! I am asking for usage on joomla fish (and still j15) sites. After adding def language, if lang. is changed plg still prononce previos language.
Anyway Thanks a lot for this extension.
bybsekirarski, May 31, 2011
JV Hotnews
Extension is realy good for one-language site. But with more than one language and joofish can not show articles from apropriate language. Lot of options and affects make this extension adaptable to lot of needs. Thanks to publish!
Owner's reply

Thank your for your feedback, we'll support Joomfish soon as possible!

bybsekirarski, February 24, 2011
Easy Folder Listing
I like this module.
Still need option to show "љњерт" (utf-8 or unicode) chars in the file name and Open in a new window option.
bybsekirarski, February 17, 2011
Admiror Gallery
I like this extension a lot. You are great, and all for free. It will be great if you can add a geo-tagging for a gallery (or images). Just try to go into 'google-maps-way'.
Owner's reply

For all ideas and feature requests please submit at Admiror Gallery Community Brainstorming forum, as a topic.
This is very interesting feature, we will reconsider to implement it.

bybsekirarski, February 7, 2011
Please do something with unicode support in titles of document. When my user add document with my "љњер" (utf or unicode?) I not obtain right title in a list of docs.
Rest of the app is awesome. Nice control for the admin. and interactive service for the users into joomla, on some, jsmallfib-way I think.
bybsekirarski, January 28, 2011
flashChart Content
I like OFC and now this plugin implementation (v1.1) in Joomla. I have a problem, working in localhost or localhost/sub-domain_name. I try to figure how to solve this but.... In any combination of test parameters (by examples) I cant obtain a chart, only empty chart grid is shown.
Owner's reply

I've done all development and most of the testing for flashchart on windows (localhost) - used XAMPP V1.7 (apache, mysql, php) - maybe your used server software is outdated.

bybsekirarski, October 20, 2010
I realy like this module.
In the newest version I can see new icon packs.
Please, can we use this icons in other applications too.
Owner's reply

As far as I am aware, the new icons are GPL. So you should be able to use them.