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bybsiemon, September 23, 2014
Add Custom Javascript
Thank you for creating this. Worked great, easy to install and use. Excellent job! Thank you!
bybsiemon, April 9, 2013
DT Register
This could be a good and powerful component but the Support doesn't exist. I spent a lot of time learning and configuring the component and now I have errors that stop me from using it. Support is non-responsive after 19 days and counting. If the errors were fixed and support responded in a timely manner I would give this component a very good review. Now they have my money and I an stuck looking for another component that works.
Owner's reply

This customer hasn't configured Google Checkout properly which is the source of his frustration. I demonstrated that event registrations work on their system with a different payment method and their only error they are getting is caused by not having SSL enabled on their server. We will get him running and he did a really nice job of setting up his events. We could have been more helpful in correcting his set up. I'd like to keep him as a happy client as he is using some sophisticated features and has become proficient with DT Register.