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bybuckaroos, July 28, 2011
Simple MP3 Player
Installed the zip file via Joomla! administrator, edited the MP3 text file, selected a few options in the module (named its position simple-mp3-player), placed the module in an article via:

{loadposition simple-mp3-player}

and it worked 1st time! Flawless! No errors, no issues, no complicated installation! This is the BEST! The PopUp is GREAT! Editing your own skin is a snap!

It doesn't get any easier or any better than Simple MP3 Player!

Thank you Guys for making this GREAT product!
bybuckaroos, February 4, 2010
Concerning the JSmug module - The BEST photo gallery/slideshow option there is for a large gallery. Period. Works in minutes, no glitches, no infinite amount of massaging code to make it function.

Now, there is ONE question I have. Can we control the color scheme of the thumbnail display at the bottom of the slideshow? Even making it match the main image's "borderColor" (which we can control) would be acceptable.

Regardless, it cannot be expressed enough how WONDERFUL the JSmug MODULE is (although I wasn't able to determine if the JSmug COMPONENT could be configured to work the same as the MODULE, so I just use the module in good health).