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bybudfit, February 16, 2013
Facebook Like Box Enter Logic
Been with Joomla for long time and this is THE best Facebook module ever. Simple, clean, all you need is inserting your fanpage link and choose parameters and that's it. Thank you for bringing this to the community.
Very easy installation follow 5 steps. Works with all Joomlas great! Finally we have great protection system (at leas 99,9%). The only suggestion for the future would be to make 3D puzzles instead of 2D (turning mechanism various degrees). But anyway, one of the best CAPTCHA systems on the market...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

bybudfit, November 22, 2011
I see so many positive reviews. First of all there is no contact address on developer's page, no email no contact page. The forum is not working. Documentation available for 1.5 (nice). When installing package 2.0 or 2.1 the installer says ''error admin menus could not be build" When selecting the component on site map it says: The requested sitemap does not exits". I have nobody to reach... so hopefully the guys will read it and improve.
bybudfit, September 3, 2011
Nice PayPal Downloads
this is so far the best download and pay component out there. It was easy to install with the step-by-step guide (on the web) and right away you can offer files for payments. Forget robust dokmans or jdowloadz they are too big, you just want to sell individual files and this is what it is meant for. Keep doing an excellent job guys.
bybudfit, February 1, 2011
JE Ajax event calendar
I purchased the component and module 2 weeks ago. It is working great. Exactly what we needed for travel agency (event trips calendar, list of events and search module) It has all!. We needed some local language to be added into .ini files and the developer was very helpful and did changes within a day.. Communication via skype was great!
Alexander aka budfit
Hi, just want to confirm what other people say. The free Gtranslate module works perfect and is easy to install. You just need to select a good position for the flags in your template (we used the 'banner') and choose which languages to use. It is powered by google translation services but heads up they improved much more since the beginning. We tested few languages which we can speak, of course there are some grammatical mistakes, yes, but the user who doesn't speak English can understand very easily the content of the web site. All contents, modules, menus get translated very well!

Now something about the PRO Version. If you don't want to see the message : ...Translating... but want your site automatically load into new language or if you want your site to be indexed in the local national google database (using SEO) then I suggest go PRO. It cost 80 USD, yes, but the support is more than great and very fast. Even if you stuck, you describe the situation and you got answer. Or if you are a total dummy, give the creator a temporary FTP access to your web site and he will do it for you!. Great service!
bybudfit, August 13, 2008
DPCalendar Lite
good job, simple yet powerful integration of Google Calendar. I don't have much coding knowledge, yet I was able to follow simple instruction on the home page how to set up the component and how to embed the code.
What I am missing is the different color for different event
bybudfit, January 12, 2008
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All Weblinks
simple and great!!!
bybudfit, October 4, 2007
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If you want to build up your own dictionary or glossary of terms this is the best component to use. It's easy, it has categories, it has terms, it has search, letters etc... all in one
bybudfit, September 3, 2007
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Community Builder
I would like to recommend this community tool to any newbies like me. I don't know how can anybody say it's too complex. Ok, it took me about 30 min to read the installation package, but then step by step you install component, modules and that's it... All is needed to be done is to play with it and change the fields as you wish. It's really simple and I fully recommended it to newcomers to Joomla or CB. I was bit scared reading other's comments about complexity, those who write it's complex, haven't seen the complex yet.
5 thumbs up