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Reviews(4), August 3, 2014
T-Download Store
I've been running a download store for our extensions for a long time and the extensions that I was using before were quite intensive, complicated with a lot to setup to make one product.

TDownload store is quite a lot quicker and easier to manage and change.

Recommended if you're wanting to sell extensions and want something different to what everyone else is using., February 16, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
It had mobile detection built into the advanced module options so I can hide modules on detection of a mobile device. You just saved me hours of work.

Good thing I scrolled down to play with the options a little more.

AND I can set the display of modules to query strings.

Peter, you're making my life a lot easier.

Thank and keep up the good work., February 16, 2012
ACL Manager
Helps a great deal being able to see everything at a glance from enabled, disabled and inherited. Being able to manage it all from one place as well makes life so much easier rather than going to each extension and turning things on and off. Thanks for the great work!, November 8, 2010
JA Amazon S3
Gave this a go when it was first relased on the ja website. Love it and makes the process much easier to get on the cloud or at least the assests onto the cloud.