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bybuko, June 15, 2014
Gallery Anywhere
Very nice idea of adding gallery to joomla but i believe need a lots of more testings and optimizing to be five star product. Did purchased did ask for support and didn't see any differences support person told me they did. Plugin do have conflict with other plugins, menu and templates so before you buy think about. Hope this product owners take this as good advice to bring this product to top level.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback, but we are solved all your problem :( and sure, maybe have some conflict because you are using many extensions from other provider.It is important that we find ways to solve it.
Thanks again ;)

bybuko, December 10, 2013
Optin Professional Toolbar Form
All i can say excellent work developer. Few of you paid product i'm using on live production website and will definitely recommend to all. Support almost instant.

Thank you very much
Owner's reply

Let Ninja Jump Around :)

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That is it :)

Thanks :)

I am happy to serve a great support!

bybuko, November 30, 2013
Kide Chat Pro
No support for paid extension.
I'm not recommend to use it waste of money.
Anyone upgraded php servers to new recommended versions will not be able to add or remove chat icons. Simple outdated component and plugins.
bybuko, November 22, 2013
RAXO All-mode PRO
Product that really works and gives new and top look of every joomla site. Did purchase many joomla products this is my best investment i wish others worked for me like this one. Absolutely would recommend to anyone you wouldn't be sorry to purchase it 5 stars is not enough for it.

Developer thank you so much and keep it up.
bybuko, April 12, 2013
Vinaora Visitors Counter
Free version works good and i went to buy it and disappointed my self. On install of full version went in some errors and went to ask for support sadly this people never answered on support tickets. So please don't waste you money on unsupported products. Let them learn if they ask for money they have to work for it. Good luck
bybuko, April 28, 2012
It's a lots of work and time spent on this packet for free and works very well sir. I appreciate it very very much, works great on my all websites.

I wish you update it for joomla 2.5 version soon

Thank you a million times
bybuko, April 19, 2012
Fire Magazine
It's not nice to purchase new added module and to find it's just useless zip file and when you posting in contact and script thanking you for post with massage on it "will contact you in few days"

I hate this i'm sorry
Owner's reply

The empty file was caused by a temporal error in the sell service, the system was updating at the time you purchase the software. Now is fixed.

Please send me an email again and I will send you the correct file.
I apologize for that.

bybuko, March 11, 2012
Maian Media
For free maian software deserve 10 stars not only 5 thank you very much sir.
This person offer lots of free software i've use it for years there is no many around like him.
Best of luck and long life from me.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review and for being a loyal consumer :)

bybuko, February 10, 2012
Plugin works only on old joomla bases and moo tools, its not working with updated framework joomla sites and menus. As all we know previous joomla CMS do have security problems.
So not recommending to pay for nothing.

Developer should update it to work with current updated CMS and then sell it as quality product.
Owner's reply

Sorry, can't agree with your review. Lates version of the product using milkBox and scrolling scripts for moo tools version using in the latest versions of the Joomla. Please write me an email and i'll help you with your personal problem.

bybuko, January 24, 2012
Interactive Banner Rotator
I both all you products that say everything. Good luck man you doing excellent job.

Thank you
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kind words and for choosing JoomEx Team.

bybuko, January 21, 2012
User Article Manager
This component is the best and developer deserve all credit for it. Works perfect, very easy to use and speed up you work.

Congrats developer 100 stars for this ok
bybuko, December 30, 2011
JT Skitter Slideshow Images
This is first time someone offer nice fancy module to community for this some others ask big bucks. You are legend work perfect out the box ... recommending to everyone.

Thank you very much!