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bybulesz, August 3, 2011
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A social share plugin without category ID exclude is useless... just imagine a website with blog AND normal articla based menu items...and the plugin is everywhere! and you cant controll it... ok only the frontpage, but that is not enough, because surely the site owner dont want to show up this plugin on the impressum page or other not blog content type page too! :(

So please do that 15mins work!
bybulesz, October 20, 2010
Account Expiration Control
"If we are missing anything, feel free to contact us - we regularly do integrations of processors for AEC and can surely help you out getting yours done, or, if you want to, we can write the integration for you."

They dont support in the community forum.
They dont support in the paid ticket system, even you choose the bigger package.

They havent replied since 1 of October...and we must finish our project. So it was a big stress!

So if you have question more than "how can I setup" than you will find you alone in the dark...deep frozen dark with the promises...

Avoid this, and choose those who can give you what you paid for!
Owner's reply

Hi bulsez,

I have written about the current situation extensively in my blog and have offered you my direct cooperation yet still haven't heard back from you so far.

I must disagree on your two points, though - The only thing failing on you was me in this situation as I had some things to sort out (again, refer to my blog). This has nothing to do with our forum or ticket system.

I hope that we can resolve this matter soon without resorting further to public battles.

bybulesz, February 13, 2008
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Couldnt turn off the Section and Category label in the module! Even I set it to NO... tried to turn it and

So I cant use it..3/5
bybulesz, October 8, 2007
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Page Peel Banner
Its all good, but If you have bannerclient with code id 5, the alternate picture isnt working! Allways jumping back to the 5th bannerclients code after saving.

Anyway, the techique and the coolfactor is great! ;)

Well done, I recommend it when would improve your site...but only A, not A+ (due the that bug!)