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bybullraider, March 25, 2012
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I installed this plugin and it ran happily
and one fine morning it said

"It has been detected a sequence that could mean a hacker attack. Your request can not be processed." and with couple of php errors.

I don't know how long my site was that way.

Bugs are something I can understand, but if the site goes down with the above error and worst you cant even access the admin page. I afraid I can't suggest anybody to use this.

I am one advanced user of Joomla so I could recovery from it. I am wondering people with less knowledge of Joomla.
Owner's reply

You didn't contact me in any way (forum or email) to see what was happening, but you put this bad review here...
You, as an "advanced user" of Joomla, should know that all extensions have to be tested in a test environment and, if you have any problem, contact with the developer.
You say your problem was a bug, but I will give you an example: some weeks ago I received an email of a person with a "problem" like yours: the plugin was blocking the entire site. After some test, we discovered that the template was saving patterns in a cookie that could be confused as an sql injection attack, so the plugin was working fine.
Did you read the documentation? If you have done it, you will know that every filter can be disabled if you have some kind of problem with any extension and that the plugin shows a 4xx error if an attack is detected.