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Element Calcrate for ZOO
I am in the process of eliminating a number of components doing different tasks as I have found the different directions developers are heading in can cause major interoperability issues and more work.

Part of this process has been to swap out K2 and Jreviews for Zoo, something I wanted to do with jreviews for a while simply because it was not cost effective for my needs.

One thing major missing Joomla is a reviews component that is freely available so I set out to make Zoo work in this regard, by allowing multiple rating elements is seems like a good base but unfortunately a calculation of all ratings is sadly missing and fortunately I found this extension which (kinda) does a simplified version of this.

Instead of mirroring the rating stars it is output via text, very basic though and so far I have not found it easy to modify without needing to code, this is it's major shortfall though as it simply output's a number of the review total - no way to edit the code to append or prepend text to beautify it slightly.

If the developer could contact me I will happily make a couple of small suggestions that would make this really useful for a wider audience.

If a star rating could be selected as an option that would make it the perfect solution for turning Zoo into a review component as each rating element can be shown as a total and this would really look great in modules.

Other than that, with a little bit of creative implementation is can be used but alas for now only as text and only very basic.
Owner's reply

in next version of element stars will be created as option

bybunglehaze, February 1, 2011
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This plugin works as intended, the calls for an update while handy are not really needed though as the mootools 1.2.4 that you are calling from google is not compatible with Joomla - NOT the plugins fault.

I have found that things work better with 1.2.5 but modal box stops working (amongst other thing probably)

What I really cannot fathom is how the Joomla team could decide to utilise a 118kb javascript library for their product when the OLD version at 74kb was complained about for being too big.

You should not be making the entire system rely on a single library if you are going to insist that it has to be mootools +more and not just core.

Along with all the news about J1.6 not really being sympathetic to migrations and the like I am left wondering what has happened to the easy to use, friendly CMS that was once Joomla!
Owner's reply

The plugin for J1.6 is coming.
However, Google doesn't host mootools more library.

bybunglehaze, January 26, 2011
One click registration
It works perfectly and in the case where you really dont want to go through full registration but a simple name and email only this is great.

It works with community builder but jomsocial would be a great addition but the biggest thing I think is missing here is a confirmation email to the customer for their username and password.

I run this component in a modal box popup instead of the acymailing module so the user registers to the site as they subscribe to the newsletter so this usage is amazing, with an email going out to confirm the details this will be killer.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the good review. In the latest release i have added a lot of options. An optional confirmation email to the new member is one of them. And the component is now also working with jomsocial ;)

bybunglehaze, February 12, 2010
OSE Google Wallet for VirtueMart
Having just been asked to find a solution for Google Checkout in order to remove paypal I found this little beauty. For the money it really is a good option for those looking for a simple process of install, add merchant details and untick a box in Google - perfect!

All working on my site within minutes and payments coming in.. nice one
bybunglehaze, July 29, 2006
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Virtuemart is a very handy component, especially if you are only using 10% of its capabilities. The problem occurs when you try to use csv upload or multi rate shipping or even to set minimum values on items before orders, these are just a few of the questions that churn up time and time again on the user forum only to never get a reply.

You try and scan the docs for the solution but they only show basics too so the user is left in a stalemate. I would love to show support for virtuemart and donate to the developer if on ANY occasion I have had a question about functionality it had been dealt with or at the very least be in the documentation, as it stands though this is the best cart software available for Joomla and I find that very off putting.

Dont get me wrong, I dont hate it, in fact I use it for a couple of sites I designed but if I had a choice I think it would be put to the curb. Developers, consider a similar method to SMF charter members to gain revenue in order to provide a higher level of service, I would pay as long as there was a decent support system in place and I KNOW there are others that would do the same. We need a product that works and works well and one we know how to use..