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bybunkergate, June 4, 2009
First time I saw this, I just knew I needed this component to get more action on my site. I have been testing it on a Joomla 1.5 site test server, and it meets all my needs when it comes to a gallery. It contains good modules, tagging, rating and browsing in a way that no other gallery for Joomla today offers. It is user friendly, and if there is one thing that is more important then fancy look, it is the way thing works in a user friendly way.
But this gallery have both the "fancy" way of working, and is very user friendly. Some things could be improved, like make it more clear to upload, and the configuration panel is not easy to find. I've been setting up user cases to test this, and they miss that little tool button.

Then, I ran into problems with java script. Nothing worked the first time, (the solution suggested in the documentation does not work for me), I found a solution in the forums, then I upgraded the component and plugin, and the problem was there again. It is not possible to upload pictures, not to browse existing pictures. The forum is new, without the old content. My suggestion is when you are making a good component like this, is to make sure to have all the possibilities to make your customer happy (since this extension cost a bit) I'm not able to find the solution and is therefor stuck.

I give the extension a 4.5 and the support at the moment 3.