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ACL Manager
Like rather a lot of other people I expect, I bought this extension as a last desperate gamble to see if I could avoid a complete re-install...
Having happily played with the new ACLs in 2.5 everything was fine until I went into production and tripped over some leftover stuff.
This extension enabled me to see what was missing and pointed me in the right direction to debug my site. Although it doesn't fix everything by magic it really helped with diagnosis, and I can see that it will be really useful when I want to start adding extra layers to the user classes. Commercial, yes, but absolutely worth a few bucks to save me hours of effort.
AND great support from Sander when I had a problem!!
bybunyan, March 14, 2013
External Login
I would be very pleased if I could get this extension to work at all, as it appears to be exactly what I am looking for.
Sadly, although the installation seems to succeed, attempting to add a Server brings up a blank modal dialog box. I seem to have installed and enabled all the required pieces so I am at a loss. Any suggestions from succesful installers or the developer would be appreciated...
bybunyan, March 24, 2011
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Awo Email Login
Like most good add-ons this is a very simple plugin that does just what it says with the minimum of fuss.
I have a club website that I want people to be able to use occasionally without having to remember their usernames... and this fills that need.
It allows login using username or email address interchangeably, and has a very small footprint on the system, just install it, enable it and forget it.
bybunyan, February 17, 2011
I am prompted to write a review simply because the previous review [BBC2009 I think...]is either deliberate flaming or based on a rushed assessment at best.

I have been using Fabrik for a couple of years on a few sites, and I am willing to concede that it could do with a better forum/search system for help, but the guys who are developing the product are spending their time on fixing bugs/upgrading/helping users, not mending the search system.

It can be difficult to find the right thread to solve your particular problem agreed, but I have virtually never had to ask a question directly, and when I have, I have had an excellent response in a very good timeframe.

I have also never seen any rudeness on the part of the support crew, even when they are dealing with people who have wildly unrealistic expectations, and apparently more teeth than brain cells!

Like all really complex products which are highly customizable, the learning curve is steep, but the wiki and the video walkthoughs will show anyone with half a brain how to get started, and after that, it will take you as far as you want to go.

Any honest assessment of a random selection of support issues in the Fabrik forum will show that time and time again the developers and their loyal helpers are patient and generous in supporting 'freebie' clients.

The product does what it says on the tin, and the prices for premium support are negligible in comparison to commercial equivalents which offer far less capability.

And for those who are thinking I work for Fabrik or something, A) I don't, and B)Go look at the free support forums to see how much effort Rob 'n Hugh 'n crew put in and C)Read the rest of the review down below...