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I don't suggest this for anyone.

This seems like a very straightforward and easy to use extension, but there's a few bugs that make me stay away from it.

I have forms that require multiple items to be selected, but this extension doesn't work well with that. There are apparently some hacks to fix this, but I need to develop some forms fast. The copy/paste form code feature looked very appealing, but ultimately since it doesn't play nice with select boxes, or check boxes for that matter, I'm not even going to consider using it anymore. Sorry.
Owner's reply

Hi, we are working hard to make ChronoForms fit everyneed, we try to add features asked by users, we have a very active forums where you always get support in minutes and regular updates for the component.
A hack for the current version is actually our fast help for a current problem some user have and can't wait for a new release, it should be available without any hacks at the next version very soon, never hesitate to post at our active forums to get answers or help!!