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byburntwear, March 23, 2014
I build a lot of sites, many of my clients have old sites, if the site is big or small this saves time, time is money this is a no brainer I need this for my business. I imported 60 pages in just a few min. I use it even to import small sites, and if you install Kaazam (another program by this developer) then you have auto populated menus for any of those pages imported. Thank you for all your valuable time saving contributions to Joomla.
JS Flexslider
Most sites I build recently are responsive, so I have been trying out different sliders. This is my 1st choice for a slider recently because it seems to work with a variety of templates from different clubs without conflict. This one you select the image and optional text and or link for each slide up to 21 slides, it has a shut off jquery option in the module settings so if experience conflict with certain popular templates or modules on your site and turn jquiry off from this module it works. I have tested other modules which claimed could do the same, that I was not able to get working so this is my 1st choice when I need a responsive slideshow.
byburntwear, May 23, 2013
Membership Pro
I needed a membership component that would allow visitors to get a 7 day free trial or a 30 paid membership with option to renew. This software was easy for me to set up and more important easy for members to sign up and renew or upgrade from free to paid. I like the customizable emails that go out with different payment types or membership types and to the admin so I was able to include followup instructions for alternate payment methods or verification steps ect. More expensive extensions seemed to offer less, I found this a great value.
byburntwear, May 17, 2013
JLV ImageGallery
I was looking for a free responsive photo gallery for Joomla 3.0 and there seemed to be few options. This was the only non-commercial extension I found that had the image wall grid type effect I was looking for. You can set how many images you want on the page and it displays them perfectly, even a few of my images were different size or shape seemed to look great in the mix. I had trouble to get the pop up effect to work but will check the developers support form, I noticed 2 links to the developer at the bottom and did not notice anyway to remove from the module settings. I dont mind and will keep on my site, however this extension description should probably be updated to mention this links so you don't need to find out about it only after you installed.
byburntwear, July 6, 2012
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ICQ On-Site
I have installed Livezilla chat in the past which did not require visitors any login to chat however this module was much more easy to install. A user must login to ICQ or Facebook first. Having experience with both kinds I would say this is the best method if you are inexperienced or busy, it is a fast, easy and good looking solution for live support. You just need to have an ICQ account and install ICQ install this module and configure it with your ICQ#.Possibly a good way to get more Facebook Friends and Likes increasing your Social visibility and SEO.
byburntwear, April 29, 2012
Slideshow CK
After trying 6 other slideshow modules today and 6 hours later, I was having a hard time to find a a non-commercial one that could give me a big banner slides that can be linked to other pages on the site, with smaller thumbnail previews underneath, without any conflicts or errors. I was very happy to find this wonderful module. It has ability to add links to the slides, thumbnail previews, sizing options and the ability to turn features on and off. There are a few other features that I have not used yet like video and captions. My experience was highly customizable easy to use and conflict free. There was no developer links or logos keeping my site clean and professional looking. This is defiantly now my favorite slideshow module. I have built over 30 Joomla sites and tried quite a few slide show modules in the past, while I have a few others that I really like for their own specific features such as different templates, drag and drop loading of images, tagging, this one is well rounded and has the features I consider must haves. Other useful features of this module were its drag and drop ordering and ability to add and remove slides with the add button and x button, and a little preview of the slide next to its configuration options.
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Thank you for the great review :)