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bybuzzmedia, October 15, 2010
Smart Flash Header
Yup - I heartily concur with all the previous 5-star reviews for this product... I used to to add some life to which would have,otherwise, been a dull site without it.

To the author: Do you have a non-Joomla version of this? I would like to use this flash header not only in my Joomla sites, but also my custom work too... this extension rocks!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, please contact us using the support form on our web site.

Great extension and a wonderful contribution to the FREE Open Source community. This Google Maps component is feature-rich...and better than the commercial extension! I like the route-planning feature. As far as I can tell, the component works well...I think the only thing that could be enhanced is the support of UK postcodes. If a postcode is typed into Google, it will recognise it, but if a UK postcode is typed into this Google Map component, it does not recognise it. Overall, excellent work!