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bybwirth01, February 3, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I have been using this extension for about 3 years and have only ever had very minor problems with it (due to template design, not this component) haven't had any problems with it.

It is easy to configure, has great built-in formatting options, and fast & friendly support. One of the top extensions for Joomla available.

Happy to pay for it - not expensive at all and customers love the interactivity of the accordian structure.
bybwirth01, February 21, 2010
RSFirewall is a MUST HAVE for all Joomla websites. The active scanner is essential for blocking malicious attacks and for the overall security of your site.

In 2007 I started out with buying RSFiles from RSJoomla. I loved that component. Since 2007 I have purchased almost every single RSJoomla product (RSMembership, RSTickets, RSSEO, RSFirewall) and I use most of them on all 5 websites I have. They all have the same great service and quality coding.

The developers are generally quick to respond and they are always open to suggestions and incorporate new features you suggest in their new versions.

Yes the price is more than some Joomla components, but you are getting excellent support and quality products. And they have the developer payment option of course. I don't mind paying for that at all.
bybwirth01, December 16, 2007
This is a great Events Management tool - I found it easy to setup and easy to use.

Two items that would help it get an 'excellent' rating in the future:
1. Enable RSS feed abilities e.g. DS-Syndicate can recognise content that feeds into Joomla Categories but because JSEvents has its own Category system, its not recognised for RSS feeds.
2. Enable links within the fields: Location, Contact and Extra Info.

Thanks for a great tool otherwise.