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bybwkeybdman, October 30, 2010
OSE Membership™
First off, the 2 times I've had challenges with OS MSC, these people have been very prompt about fixing the problem. It has been well-worth what I paid for their support.

And the sofware has worked great. The problems I've had have usually been some conflict with other extension or a corrupt database. They've stepped right up to fix the problems and never pointed a finger.

Further, when they are usually closed for the weekend, they went ahead and fixed a registration problem with my site on a Saturday. There is no doubt you will get great software & support with these guys!

Thanks OSE!
bybwkeybdman, July 24, 2008
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RSform Pro
RSForm!Pro is a very easy form component to use. And the support is excellent - in fact better then I've received from any other extension - both commercial and free.

I was have challenges with spammers on a previous form component and this extensions resolved that. Also, when I needed some assistance, Alex responded within 24 hours every time except once when he was delayed by 2 days due to a major server upgrade and then he apologized when he did respond. He truly believes in this product and supporting everyone with it.

The form creation is way beyond any of the others that I've seen. The ease of use is amazing and if you don't need anything customized, there are 4 form layouts that should meet almost everyone's needs. If you know some basic HTML, you can customize not only the form layout but also the emails sent out.

With emails, the great thing is that you can create a unique email to send to the form submitter and a different one to the web site administrator or whomever you choose. This solves the problems that RSForm! had in that it would only send one email to a list of addresses so the admin that received the email could not just click reply but would have to change the "To" email address before sending the email. With RSForm!Pro, this is no longer an issue.

So far, I can find no cons to this form extension. And I am running it on 3 web sites and soon to install on 2 more.

I highly recommend this Form for everyone, from beginner to advanced. And I guarantee that this extension will continue to evolve to a better form as time goes on. Excellent job on this!