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byc0nfus3ds0ul, September 28, 2008
I sourced many Joomla! attachment adding extensions, but i soon settled for this one, as it appeared closer to the Joomla admin interface than the rest.

I did not know what i was in for, except that i was confident it would go smoothly because of the rave reviews given by other users.

Upon trying it out, i encountered several errors, and so i decided to request for help in this extension's site forum.

I soon realised that the errors i had were unique and was the exception rather than the norm..

As such, i was not expecting a resolution of the errors, and was prepared to give up on this extension if it did not work in the end..

BUT, against all odds, the extension's creator jumped to the rescue. And, i can tell you, his support was not just limited to the forum he manages..

When we could not find sufficient resolution for the problem through forum correspondence, he went all the way to agree to correspond with me through email and IM!

But, as i was away for a week on official business, i did not get back to him. And yet, after that week passed, and i got back to him through email, he was still as paitient and agree-able as ever to come to my aid..

For a person to be so paitient as to wait an entire week for my response in order to help me, shows that this guy is truly something!

After letting him access my Joomla! and web server accounts for configuration, he successfully resolved my problem in less than 1 hour!

That, my fellow Joomla! users, is service for you! This is truly an exemplary example of what Joomla! extension providers should be like, with all the paitience and dedication provided..

So, looking at the support given, i'm sure you guys will begin to realise that this extension is no 2nd grade extension..

In fact, it is a MUST HAVE extension for all Joomla accounts, and, had the Joomla team not been tied up with Joomla! 1.5 development, i can safely say that this extension would have been a confirmed extension along with the basic Joomla! 1.5 package!

Lastly, i wish to say that, Jonathan, you ROCK!