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byc22sail, October 19, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
Wow! I was looking for a way to popup my videos along side photos in a photo gallery I am using. This way I would have a complete media solution. I first presented the problem to the developer of the photo gallery. They were great and helpful, but were not able to solve the problem. I purchased this extension. It worked exactly how I wanted. After getting the video to pop up in an article I contacted tech support on the possibility of making it popup in my photo gallery. The developers and tech support for this extension were awesome. I got an email from them saying they would solve the problem within 48 hours. Less than an hour later the solution was at hand and they had the popup working perfectly in my photo gallery. Excellent product, patient and thorough tech support.
byc22sail, August 19, 2011
I installed RSFiles! and had it running in just a couple of minutes. The service was awesome. I ran into two problems, one a misunderstanding of how a feature worked on my part, and another problem with a feature that didn't work how it should. The service guys tackled them both as if they were working on their own problems and resolved them quickly.

The product is excellent and provides us with a secure solution to controlling files for download/upload with our membership. Setting up groups and corresponding folders and files that groups have access to is quick and secure.

This is the third product I have bought for RSJoomla and all of them perform as expected.