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bycaesartg, March 19, 2009
FJ Related Articles Plus
This is the best related items module I could find and I really like its keyword article listing option. 5 star!

I think that more of a support framework for meta-keyword relations (or taxonomies I think is the other CMS term) is required in the Joomla core to encourage major extension developers to support this kind of related item functionality (E.g. Events component developers, directory component developers, forum developers etc), so that when I read an article about some subject on a Joomla website, I can see the profiles of people who write about that subject, the events that are associated with that subject and even the forums that discuss that subject. As developers of related items modules show, this kind of functionality shouldn't have to be set up manually and the end result is it can integrate a whole site together with minimum effort on the part of the content administrators through simple key-wording.
I used this module to fix a problem with a module not appearing every time a particular component appeared (Mosets Tree and its file explorer-like navigator module). It just took a simple conditional. I can envisage using this tool again and again as a solution to when Joomla's menu-link based module configuration just doesn't quite cut it. Functionality like this should definitely be considered for part of the future Joomla core.
bycaesartg, July 5, 2008
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Mosets Tree
This component is pretty good, quite flexible and stable with only a few bugs I've noticed considering how large an application it is. There are some grating limitations that mean I can't integrate it into my site exactly the way I want to but at the same time the core functionality is excellent. Forums are fairly useful to get answers to problems but support is fairly limited albeit probably above average for Joomla extensions. Hopefully the company will continue to develop this product. On the whole, well worth the money for a directory solution.