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bycafenoir, September 24, 2010
Google Maps by Reumer
Before gettin mad on how customize a Google Maps, take a look to this great plugin and its demo website.

Most of the work has been already done for you!
bycafenoir, September 24, 2010
A revolutionary way to display Joomla news.
Absolutely great!

Easy and effective, it manages titles, text, images (!! with resize!!), links and let the user to create its own display-template.

It solves all the problem related to Joomla standard output limitations.

I think it'd be a great idea to publish a component version oh this module.

Thank you for sharing this great work!
bycafenoir, April 12, 2010
A good component: it works well and in a few click you'll set up a working and editable calendar.

CSS can radically change the visual appeal of the output.

PHP scripts may be a little more sorted and easy to read and modify.