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bycakin1947, November 9, 2012
JCK Editor
For several months I have been using the JCK editor and I want to share my findings with you.

First, it was extremely easy to install. Although there is ample documentation available for JCK, I did not need to use it for the installation.

Second, I have never experienced errors are failures with the product. Therefore I have never need to use the product support, but I know that it is available if it is needed.
Third, the editor runs fast. It really speeds up the article writing process.
Finally, There are many add on for this product. I particularly like the file browser add on. It give an "Explorer" like look at your content files.
I'm sure you too will enjoy using this one.
Owner's reply

Dear cakin1947, thank you for your in-depth analyst and review our service. I’m sure many users will find your comments very interesting and helpful! (o:b