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bycancerish, November 24, 2008
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Dude! i mean! COME ON! this extension is AMAZING! i registered to write this comment! i am dazzled by how powerful this comment is, here is my story, i am creating a site with artists listing, and it was really a big problem for me to make my admins and moderators migrate from the old system i had which i built on codeigniter, to Joomla! the older system was easier for them since they are used to it and since the GUI provided them with what they need, so for me, i didn't want to put my feet in deep water before i study all the possibilities, and the quest to find the extension that can do what i want started, till i found this amazing little piece of extension! silent! and no one even commenting while it's AWESOME! seriously! creating custom items and putting them anywhere in your site has never been easier, this must be an editor's choice, and i am not related to the author of this extension by any form btw so you won't think i am being biased.. try it by your self!