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bycapeinfo, September 14, 2013
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The older versions did work but after an php upgrade I just get a completely broken site, with a blank page. Removal fixed that.
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This was a PHP 5.4 compatibility issue, which is now fixed in version 3.3 of the extension.

bycapeinfo, August 22, 2012
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yoonique[.]net Zopim
It was a great plugin but it no longer works since zopim changed the plans they offer. It doesn't work on the free service.

Zopim itself works very well.
bycapeinfo, August 19, 2012
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
Worked brilliantly in Joomla! 1.5. In Joomla! 2.5 the tabs break - the tab titles duplicate into two rows.

The forum offers absolutely no support... a waste of time.
Owner's reply

Both tabs and sliders work just fine. If they didn't for you, I'd look for any CSS or JS conflicts caused by other extensions.

Despite it being a free extension, we certainly provide support but maybe we weren't able to do so in the middle of August. We did make sure to let our users know though with a huge 728x90 pixels banner at the top of the community forum...

bycapeinfo, May 4, 2012
Diapo Slideshow
It is a great extension but I did have problems because I use the JAT3 Framework. These guys persisted until they had everything fixed and working perfectly. There are very, very, very few extensions for Joomla with this level of knowledgeable and dedicated support. Well done guys!
bycapeinfo, September 23, 2011
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Simple Spotlight
It's truly one of those great modules - it does the job with little fuss or effort. I've used others and this one is a dream. Yes, I did have a small problem (my own stupidity!) but my query was answered promptly in the support forum.

If there is one thing that would make this even better, it would be the ability to apply image titles or captions.
bycapeinfo, May 25, 2011
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AcyMailing Starter
I used that old stalwart, phpList, as a mailing system for seven years and it did everything it said it would do. But then I needed integration with Joomla and chose AcyMailing.

What a joy! Hardly a day goes by that I don't silently thank the guys at Acyba for this product. It's made life 100 times easier while I can do 100 times more.

Apart from social media - which only addresses a particular audience- nothing grows & develops communities better than email newsletters. Well, that's if they're not spam and they are welcomed.

As far as support and REAL helpfulness, John at Acyba is in a league of his own.

A great product, which is being improved all the time, and terrific support must make Acymailing one of the top Joomla extensions.

I do in fact recommend it all the time to friends or developers looking for advice.
bycapeinfo, December 31, 2010
It works, and that's what counts. It improved my Page Speed score from 71 to 79%. Probably what's as important is that it's also focused my attention on the importance of a fast-opening website so I am paying much more attention to this.

Using AWS, it's good to know that the load on my own server has been reduced and load times for users around the world will be much better. What does AWS cost? A couple of bucks a month.

The only drawback is an apparent increase in latency ("waiting for..." site) right at the beginning. Now if I could reduce that, the site would really fly! (I haven't even raised this with corePHP yet so they're bound to have something to say about it.)

corePHP's service is very, very good. They may not be as fast in response times as the best out there, but I've learnt that with a little patience, they always solve one's problems. Rafael, in particular, is a star!

So I can recommend this plugin with confidence - both on its own merits and the knowledge that corePHP is there to back it up.

(I've tried many extensions that promise mind-boggling speed improvements. Bar jomCDN, none of the others have worked on a complex site.)