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bycarcam, July 14, 2014
Form XML Override
This plugin is awesome for being able to override component forms that uses JForm easily. I used it for reordering Joomla! User Registration form and it works like a charm.

It's as easy as installing and configuring the plugin and then creating the override in the a similar way you will do with a template overrides.

If you use it just remember it will not deal with the component use of the data, so you will not be able to add new data in the form if you do not reflect the change in the affected component ;)
bycarcam, May 11, 2014
I have been a while looking for an invoice manager for my company and I wanted it to be inside Joomla! and this extension cover my needs and much more. Not only it can handle your invoices, but also can manage your quotes and what is best of all you can easily create different templates for your invoices and for your quotes and apply them alltogether according to your needs. They are also open to new features and their customer service is much more than excellent. Also if you have special needs they provide a customization service.

After this extension I'm not using spreadsheets anymore, so it's worthed every cent ;)
bycarcam, September 8, 2013
Cookie Accept
It's great how easily you can configure the cookie message in your site in several languages using this module. It comes with several pre-configured languages and you can also set your own. I do recommend it.