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bycarldam, May 9, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
Excellent product, providing much more than the default form.

The support is also excellent: quick and very helpful.

bycarldam, June 8, 2011
Deluxe News Pro
This is a great tool - I can't understand the negative reviews here.

For those who want a few basic presets to get up and running quickly, they're here but not exhaustive.

The real power is being able to add simple syntax to your own basic HTML into a designated custom box, to create the sliding articles as you wish - it worked brilliantly.

I used it for a custom front page slideshow: I was able to designate my 4 featured articles to rotate, always showing links to all 4 on each, and assign a different background to each by grabbing the first image in the intro part of the article.

If you're not prepared to tinker with the HTML and CSS then you're not seeing it's true worth.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive review and taking time to review extensions here - All the best, Jay and the sleepless staff of JoomlaXTC