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bycarlnext, November 3, 2011
RSform Pro

If you read the reviews here and watch the demos it seems to be very easy creating complex forms.
Reality is different.

First - I like the way of creating forms in RSForm Pro.
If you just need a normal form it is a good choice.
If you need dynamic fields and dynamic drop downs and you are not a coder you will be screwed. All these advertised features need to be coded in JavaScript.

On second glance you will detect that all the great demos are made by experts.
The same experts are giving you support and they are really nice, but I don’t need a JavaScript tutorial and no predefined snippets.
I need an easy way to embed dynamics on my own. This is why I use a form component! Otherwise – if I would be able to – I would code everything on my own.

The second trigger for my review is a flaw at multi paging.
If you watch the demo you will see no flaws because there is no field validation built in.
The flaw results out of that validation is made at the end (on submitting) and not between the steps.
If you have an error on page 2; you will be set back to page 2 after submitting and must go through all pages until you can submit it again.
Just imagine you have a 20 pages form!
I finally found another form solution that can handle this.

If RS team fixes the issues I certainly will write a better review.

Cheers Carl.
Owner's reply

Hi Markus,

thanks for the great review.

1. Our product description doesn't tell anything about having a built in dynamic dropdown feature. Of course we can help you create it, but you won't find our product advertised as it would have such built in feature.

2. RSForm!Pro HAS built in validation per page that doesn't allow you to pass to the next page until you validate the fields on that page. So this part of the review is clearly false information.