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bycarloscunha_sw, February 9, 2011
JE Rollover Tooltip Menu
I wish to thank the creators of this Joomla Extension for image menus.

As my first professional experience with Joomla, this extension has helped me very much.

It is the most complete and fully functional image menu with rollover that works exactly like it was advertised in the main page.

This module was used to produce a website portal for a company that deals with bathroom appliances and thanks to this, it now looks exactly like what the company had intended with the concept art they have given us.

Even if the steps to implement this feature are not completely understandable, don't worry, because the support I have received was flawless.

The creators of this extension are true professional and serious. They have worked with me during the entire day and were very helpful.

They told me exactly what I did wrong and how to correct my mistakes.

For this, I thank you very much.