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bycarolyn1, July 21, 2012
this directory looks good at first until you try it out, sobiPro has been developed for almost 2 years and is still not finished, key features are missing and don't work well and confusing. it is missing membership options, and packaging options for different type of listings.

the development of features is very slow.

for merchant gateway you are limited to paypal

the documentation needs a lot of help, doesn't make sense you have to read it two or three times, even then.

for an extension that i pay for i expect something better.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion about SobiPro and us.
We are sorry that SobiPro is overwhelming you. But a highly sophisticated component as SobiPro, with such a lot of features and possibilities, need some learning curve before all aspects of the software are discovered.
But although you can do really a lot of things with SobiPro, it is still a directory component and NOT a membership component as you seemingly expect. We recommend the usage of a membership component as there are several out there which work flawlessly together with SobiPro.
Of course packaging options can be realized with SobiPro template's engine.
SobiPro is now 17 months old. In this time we have not only released the stable version 1.0 of SobiPro but also 24 addons. If we consider all updates of SobiPro and its addons, we published every 9,8 days a new or updated software. Also we are working on the new SobiPro version 1.1 which contains a lot of additional features and will be Joomla! 3.0 ready. Saying that our development is slow, is not only untrue, it is insulting :-(