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bycarosouza, May 3, 2014
I've been looking for an extension that will help me create content and storage. The ContentBuild does this and more, in addition to being free. Congratulations to the developers and for the great support.
bycarosouza, October 15, 2013
Congratulations for the great component, I was looking to display PDF file for individual users.
bycarosouza, August 2, 2013
B2J Contact
Hello, I found your component in a quick way to develop forms and with a beautiful look! Congratulations component is free of charge for the community joomla. Congratulations and good business to all!
bycarosouza, June 14, 2013
Event Gallery
Congratulations on the excellent component with many configuration options, and FREE. Thanks!!!
bycarosouza, May 17, 2013
A plugin for all to use. The support of a professional and high level of knowledge. And other great components. Congratulations MIchael. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You the man!
bycarosouza, March 4, 2013
CoalaWeb Traffic
An excellent component, support, patience and professionalism of the developer. Congratulations Steve and get good deals, and this is always good professional!
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review my extension and for your patience and help with fault finding the geoip issue of the 0.1.2 release. You are an asset to the community.

bycarosouza, January 12, 2013
Hello, I was struggling to display the frontend and I contacted the developer. and helped ready me and I understand the dynamics of the module, but once congratulations for the work.

Mareike, Thanks!
bycarosouza, January 12, 2013
Hello, the module does exactly as described, ie, create a contact form quickly and with many configuration options. Congratulations!
bycarosouza, November 27, 2012
Smart Countdown
Hello, congratulations on the module, easy to install and configure. I also created a new profile, with numbers apple style, fantastic!
bycarosouza, August 28, 2012
An excellent component, and even better support. Still under development, but pretty much the template rounded. Congratulations to the whole team., And continue this good work.
Owner's reply

Thank you too for joining the translation team!

4 new languages packages on progress ;-)

bycarosouza, May 21, 2012
FW Gallery
A component of a very good and staff extremely helpful and professional.
Congratulations and Thanks!
bycarosouza, May 14, 2012
FW Open Hours
Hello, this is a great module and great support from the developer. Whenever I had to attend, and I'm not using it, but should I use in other projects I have in mind. Thank you.
bycarosouza, April 29, 2012
Issue Tracker
Hello, I liked the interaction of the developer to question some errors. Congratulations and has everything to be a major component to helpdesk.
bycarosouza, December 13, 2011
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Buaxua Calendar
A module easy to install, customize, and congratulations to the developer, and also includes commemorative dates that you can add.
bycarosouza, August 6, 2011
J2XML Importer
Very Easy to import a new facility and without dirt. Unlike other solutions that leave the database loaded with garbage. Congratulations and success you deserve!
bycarosouza, August 6, 2011
Very Easy to export and import a new facility and without dirt. Unlike other solutions that leave the database loaded with garbage. Congratulations and success you deserve!
bycarosouza, July 21, 2011
flashChart Content
Absolutely fantastic, I tried others before, but this is impressive, with many configuration options. Congratulations and every success. Impressive.
bycarosouza, June 11, 2011
This module is fantastic and easy to configure and without conflict. Impressive and if you need support is 10. Worth the price for the competence and efficiency of admin. Congratulations.
bycarosouza, November 26, 2010
I thank the developer, Levente Hunyadi, the great support given by solving my problems and conflicts would recommend to all who need a gallery, you can use, because it is fantastic and support even more, thanks Levente Hunyadi.
bycarosouza, October 11, 2010
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SP newshighlighter
Hello, I downloaded and tested. Works as described, and also has various settings, congratulations and success.
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