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bycarveson, September 27, 2014
This component couldn't be easier to install or use. It worked immediately, no tweaks or twerks needed. I am very pleased, and recommend it wholeheartedly.
bycarveson, October 26, 2013
It works immediately, without any tweaking. I have added it to about five different websites, and wonder why it isn't part of Joomla core, it's so good.
bycarveson, October 26, 2013
The title is a rhetorical question. I am so very pleased with Hikashop. I tried a few other shopping cart solutions, but they were not flexible enough to meet my needs.

I have had difficulty in setting up taxes, but that's not a complaint. It is simply a reflection on the many options and possibilities that Hikashop offers. Once I figured that out, I struggled for a bit with shipping, but went to their documentation, did a search, and the answer to my problem popped up before my eyes.

I recommend Hikashop enthusiastically.