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bycary, April 5, 2012
I have a paid version, not the non commercial version. I tried the free version as a test as AlmondSoft suggests. It installed and worked in a flash.

There are about 6-7 versions from free to Ultimate. No matter what you settle on there is something in the next package up that you will want. That is life. The free version works well, and has a two level geo-location setup. Like state/town or anything else you want to use it for.

You can upgrade at the difference in price between versions, but you can't upgrade the content of the system, databasse wise. You have to start over.

So, buy what you want to start with.

Extensive location database files are supplied with upper versions. I.E. "The World". Saves a LOT of typing.

It is easier to cull out what you don't want than to enter it by hand.

You can add to the location data base incrementally. Start with Portugal and add the US etc.

The web site has extensive live demos and explanations. I have never seen such a complete site. Purchase and product deliver was "instant", and Bo has been very responsive to questions and providing hands on support.