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I noticed a discrepancy between the rating of this product and its actual effectiveness and the attitude of the developer.

Firstly, I would like to express my disdain for the lack of clear instructions on this version. The component itself could have included simple instructions in Joomla itself. The 36 page PDF included on the website is actually for the commercial version but even that doesn't include comprehensive instructions.

I wasted a lot of time simply figuring out how to publish the plugin, until I found a poorly answered question on the forum wherein the developer informed another user this version does not contain a plugin but still didn't explain how to publish. When someone asks a question it would make sense to make sure their issue is resolved instead of simply answering their question in the most generic way possible, which is a common theme in many questions answered by the developer in her forum.

When I finally did configure the component and published it through a menu item (thanks for explaining that nowhere in the documentation) it did not display. What did display, however, was a backlink to the developer's site. Anyone who is trying to make a professional-looking site doesn't want a load of backlinks junking it up and also hurting its SEO. I scroll through the forum to find instructions for removing this and found the developer was dodging the questions. She would simply state "there is no crime in removing the backlink" but neglected the question was actually for HOW to remove it. We know there is no crime as we are using open-source products here but thanks developer for your sense of humour.

Overall, I'm disgruntled because this component wasted a good 45 minutes to an hour of my time simply because the developer wasn't common-sensical enough to include proper directions or properly answer questions on the forums and perhaps seems more interested in promoting the commercial version or her marketing business than doing a good deed for the open source community.
Owner's reply


First off, thank you for the review.

The review itself does leave some questions unanswered though.

Your issues seems to be of how toactually use joomla, and not the component itself - since you had to use 45 minutes to figure out how to add a menu link.

But if video tutorials, documentation and answered questions on the forum isnt enough - or to generic - I am not sure how I could get a good review from in in the first place.

Best of luck